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Akshay Kumar plays Gabbar in a positive role!

The trailer for Akshay’s latest flick has generated quite a buzz online. Firstly, for Akshay Kumar’s brand new look, a rugged one (after all, he’s playing Gabbar!) clad in traditional clothes fighting villains. Yes, that’s right, fighting the crooks for a change!

The movie will feature a ‘good Gabbar’ in teh form of Akshay Kumar. In the trailer, Gabbar is seen to be a vigilante who brandishes a steel pipe, which he fondly calls his danda and takes the rod to society’s most notorious lot. Gabbar is seen to be a popular man who is primarily against those who accept bribes in a bid to deteriorate the moral fabric of society. We also see the typical Akshay Kumar action sequences; in one scene he is busy flying midway in air before kicking an enemy square in the chest. In yet another high-octane action scene, the Khiladi  is seen punching people and bashing their heads in with a steel rod.

Gabbar Is Back – Official Trailer HD – Starring… by clickmaza

Gabbar Singh was the iconic villain in the 1975 film Sholay who set the benchmark for all future villains to come in the Bollywood industry. The ruffian Gabbar, played by Amjad Khan, was a tyrant who terrorized a village with his group of bandits and plunderers until Jay and Veeru (Amitabh and Dharmendra) show up at the village to uproot evil.

Akshay can even be heard saying the famous line from the antagonist Gabbar we all are familiar with from Sholay:-

“Tera kia hoga, Kalia?”

Slated for a 1st May release, it is hard to judge how the film will turn out to be. To play Gabbar is a tough task given the fact that it is one of the most celebrated roles of all time and has immense expectations attached to it. Who knows, maybe Akshay’s portrayal of it in a positive aspect altogether will enthrall audience in a new way? Find out on May 1st if you really like the new Gabbar!



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