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Here is what Akshay Kumar said about Bengaluru’s ‘night of shame’

“Chotay Kisi Larki Kay Kapray Nahii….Choti Aapki Soch Hay”

Baffled by the Bengaluru sex attacks on New Year’s eve, Indian superstar Akshay Kumar recorded a heartfelt message to the victims of the attack, the molesters and those “who tried to justify such attacks”.


“I don’t know how you guys felt but seriously it was a blood-boiling incident for me,  I too have a daughter but even if I were not a father, I would have said that a society which cannot respect its women cannot be a called a human society,” said the Khiladi actor.

“You know what is the most shameful thing about this incident, some people have the courage to justify molestation, why girls wear short dresses, why the girl went out at night… have some shame” 

The Gabbar actor warned all those who misbehaved with women on New Year’s night that when women will “reply”, they will not learn a lesson but will not be there to learn it (Sudhro gay nahii seedha upar sadhaar jao gay).

He also urged the girls to learn martial arts and self-defense tactics to ward off such threats.

“And next time if someone tries to lecture you on your clothes, ask him to keep his advice with himself and mind his own business,” said Akshay.

‘Night of shame’

On New Year’s eve, a large number of Indian girls complained that they were sexually harassed and molested by men. A number of complaints were filed and Indian channels showed CCTV footage showing boys engaging in such gruesome acts.

An Indian politician Abu Azmi was severely criticised after he said that women wearing revealing clothes and staying outside their home at night should not expect that people will behave with them in a respectable manner.

The events that transpired in Bengaluru have sparked a national debate on women’s safety in India.



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