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Al-Azhar Garden won prestigious architecture award in 2011-2012

Yesterday’s terrorist attack on the residents of Al-Azhar Garden has left the whole nation in a state of mourning. Passengers were riddled with bullets when six armed militants boarded the bus and opened indiscriminate fire on all who had boarded the bus. At the days end, a total of 44 people had succumbed to their wounds and as many as 13 were critically wounded. Here’s a brief look at the Al-Azhar Garden, whose infrastructure is impressively designed.

The complex has the capacity to house an astounding 5,000 plus individuals and was an Ismaili-exclusive housing society. The people live in Al-Azhar Garden are mostly involved in the business of selling milk. Residents of the vicinity are mostly Gujrati by ethnicity, with most of them hailing from India’s city of Gujrat. Residents of Al-Azhar Garden are also called by the moniker ‘Momnay’ which is derived from the word ‘Momin’.

The impressive housing complex has its own marriage hall, clinic, transport system and school as well. Hence, Al-Azhar Garden provides services in most forms for its residents. With almost eight years elapsing since residents have shifted to the complex, no signs of decadence can be witnessed in the Al-Azhar Garden housing complex, specifically due to its stellar upkeep and proper maintenance. Due to its carefully thought out design and well-maintained buildings, Al-Azhar complex won an architecture award in 2011-2012. The project costs around US$ 10 per square foot, inclusive of land and infrastructure.



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