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Al-Qaeda’s South Asia wing claims dockyard attack in Karachi

According to the spokesperson of the newly formed wing of the globally known terrorist organization, dockyard attack in Karachi was aimed at hijacking PNS Zulfiqar and then to hit an American supply ship via missiles. The terror organization also claimed that some former military officers had helped launching the attack.

This is the first attack claimed by the South Asia wing of Al-Qaeda, the formation of which was announced a week ago by the chief, Ayman al Zawahiri.

Earlier on Saturday, Pakistan Navy personnel had thwarted a deadly terrorist attack on Karachi Naval dockyard, during which a sailor and two of the attackers were killed, while four were arrested.

Investigations with the arrested terrorists have led to a series of arrests made in different parts of the country.

Sources told that members of a banned outfit and few suspects from within the Navy have been arrested in suspicion of their links with the attack.



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