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WATCH: An alarm clock which also helps you sleep

According to a recent study, sleeping with smartphone affects your sleeping quality as light emitting from smartphone, while you are scrolling through your timelines, affects our natural ability to sleep.

Circa, a beautifully designed alarm clock by Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser, does not only wake you up, but also helps you sleep on time.


This alarm clock helps you to fall asleep at night and wake up gently the next morning. No more nights of interrupted sleep by a constant stream of notifications or distractions of your phone: Circa embodies a range of smart sleep features to make sure you get the sleep you need.

In the evening, white noise, nature sounds or a breathing indicator can help you to calm your breath and slow down your thoughts before drifting away. At night, Circa’s display is dark by default, only showing the time when you need it.

Circa features a thin sensor to place underneath your mattress that measures movement and respiration to understand your sleep cycles.

Old-fashioned alarm clocks wake you up at a fixed time every day, whether you are in a deep or light sleep. In a timeframe of 30 minutes before your alarm is set, Circa’s smart alarm will find the best moment to wake you up in light sleep, making you feel more refreshed in the morning.

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To improve your sleep routine, Circa provides you with insights based on multiple nights. Instead of an arbitrary “sleep quality score”, it helps you to adjust your schedule to get the most out of your night. And don’t worry about your sleep data, all information is stored and processed locally on the device.

Circa features a carefully designed audio system that makes your music sound rich and clear. Wake up with a wide selection of beautiful alarm sounds or listen to your favorite stations and playlists on Spotify or digital radio.

For a fully soothing wake-up experience you can connect Circa with your connected lights or thermostat to slowly light up your room or make your home comfortable before the alarm goes off.

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Pricing for the alarm clock starts at €159.

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