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Why alcohol is dangerous for your body

If you strayed away from alcohol only for the sole reason that it weakens your senses, you have another think coming. Alcohol not only deprives you of your senses but also adversely affects your brain, heart, nervous system, liver, lungs and immune system. For your convenience, here is a summarized list that informs you regarding the damage alcohol does and to which specific organs, systems within your body.

1. Central Nervous System

Alcohol has the ability to travel quickly within your body. It reaches through the nervous system to the brain and muscles. Alcohol hinders and interferes with the efficiency of the communication path of the brain, which in turn causes slurred speech, delayed thinking and hindrance in talking. Alcohol also diminishes your impulse control and damages memory formation. Alcohol affects movement and co-ordination, also making it difficult to walk or move.

2. Skeletal System

Alcohol intake can overtime weaken your bones and thin them as well. Osteoporosis is the clinical name of the condition when your bones become weak. Alcohol consumption overtime can cause this which in turn, can result in bone fractures and cramps.

3. The Immune System

Arguably the most vital system within your body, the Immune System protects you from harmful germs and bacteria by not letting them develop harmful diseases. However, alcohol weakens the Immune System and a chronic alcohol consumer can die from pneumonia, tuberculosis or many forms of cancer.

4. Heart

Your heart can suffer a great deal from excessive drinking. A number of conditions can develop which hinders with the various vital functions performed by your heart. Since the heart is responsible for pumping blood to all parts of the body, it is an extremely important organ, perhaps the most. Alcohol causes irregular heartbeat and as a result, blood pressure. Alcohol can also cause a heart stroke as well as the condition of Cardiomyopathy- the stretching of heart muscle.

5. Cancer

Only if you want to court cancers of various organs and kinds, treat yourself to some alcohol! The following kinds of cancers are caused by excessive alcohol drinking:-

  • Esophagus
  • Liver
  • Breast
  • Mouth

6. Liver

Fibrosis, Cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis are some menaces caused by alcohol. Alcohol also causes the liver to shutdown and discontinue its functions which becomes fatal in the long run.

7. Reproduction System

Stop drinking alcohol if you plan on becoming parents and raising healthy children! Alcoholism in men can cause severe damage and in turn, severe consequences. Alcohol negatively affects testicular function, lack of hormone production and infertility. A pregnant woman should also refrain from alcoholism as it will inevitably lead to miscarriage! Breast cancer is also a menace whose chances increase along with increased use of alcohol.

If you’re addicted to alcohol or even consume it in a mild quantity, now is the time to quit! Seek help from a local rehabilitation center if your addiction is too much of a problem. In the long run, alcohol does more harm than good, trust me!




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