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Ali Azmat talks about learning new stuff and the music industry

Pakistani singer Ali Azmat is one of the most dynamic and renowned musicians this country has produced. Ali has not taken a break from recording music but has refrained from releasing it. According to a local report, the former Junoon bandmate also wants to learn how to fly an aircraft.

“I also want to learn how to fly planes. I guess I’m getting old as well so I don’t want to think about what I could have done,” he said. “I try to dabble in everything and learn new things,” he added.

Azmat also said that it was vital for a person who wanted to survive in Pakistan to know everything. The singer/actor who has appeared in Waar and has other projects lined up, said he did not enjoy acting as such.

“A creative person has to do everything to survive in Pakistan. I don’t enjoy acting as much but with music it’s instantaneous. We go out, we play. It’s not like acting where there are retakes,” he said.  “I try to dabble in everything and learn new things.”

Ali Azmat also talked about the dismal state of the local music industry and said that artists did not frequently earn big money. The only money received was from gigs and sponsorship deals, claimed the artist.

“All record labels have shut down. If you make a video no one wants to run it … some ask for exorbitant amounts of money,” he claimed.

Ali has several songs recorded but he has no plans to release them anytime soon. Here’s why.

“If I am not here tomorrow, these songs will never get recorded so I might as well record them, even if I don’t get money. Piracy is a problem and the industry can’t defeat it,” he said.




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