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Ali Azmat takes on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a series of angry tweets

We’e always known Ali to be outspoken and blunt regarding various issues. At the height of his fame and musical domination, Ali Azmat was (and still continues to be, to a certain extent) Pakistan’s bad boy. The enraged musician took to Twitter and blasted Saudi Arabia for keeping silent on the sufferings of Muslim countries.

This is not the first time that Ali has lashed out at the Saudis on Twitter. A couple of weeks ago, the musician had also taken to task Saudi authorities for imprisoning his close friend Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment in Saudi Arabia and a thousand lashes for criticizing the Kingdom’s policies towards Yemen.

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Zaid Hamid sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, lashes in Saudi Arabia

Ali Azmat and Zaid Hamid used to host a TV show on a local channel in Pakistan quite a few years ago. The outspoken star certainly has a score to settle with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their policies. However, one has to wonder, will all the Twitter rants be effective in achieving anything concrete?



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