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Ali Haider resurfaces with new single

The song is a typical Ali Haider song, soulful and melodious. The song aired yesterday on social media and was well received by his fans. Singing romantic songs with a beautiful melody has always been Ali’s forte. Who can forget the sensational Purani Jeans when it first came out? Qarar and Chandini Raaten also brought the star much adulations and love from admirers and critics alike.

The situation at the moment, as far as the Pakistani music industry is concerned, is ripe for Ali Haider to make a comeback. The young talent that has emerged mostly since he sidelined from the spotlight, has drifted towards India. In this current scenario, Ali Haider can with his new album Koi Aisi Baat reestablish himself as a dominant force in the Pakistani artiste community. The absence of any senior, veteran professional singer has impacted the music industry in a negative way as the emerging young talent are not familiar with all the elements that make a classical musician.
The song is a romantic one and in the video Haider seems like a forlorn lover. The album is composed of nine songs. Let’s hope Ali Haider provides us with a classic musical album that tends to bring the spotlight back on him so that young artists may be able to follow him and channel their music in the right direction. For now, he has made a good comeback as his fans have certainly appreciated his latest song!



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