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Ali Haider's new music video coincides with Pakistan's triumph!

For music lovers and Pakistanis in general, this day couldn’t get any better.

Ali Haider dropped his latest music video for the song Dil Ke Darwaze, to urge on team Pakistan in their quest to lift the cricket world cup. Today when he released the music video, it pleasantly coincided with the cricket team’s surprising victory over favorites South Africa.

The patriotic music video begins with a Pakistani flag flapping and the accompanying music. The video shows Ali Haider, in his trademark style sporting sunglasses and wearing a jacket (in some shots) lip syncing his song. Behind him on a projector, we see the footage of a Pakistani cricket team achieving feats and dominating opponents. Shahid Afridi’s typical celebration followed by some expert drives by Pakistani batsmen, can also be viewed as Ali launches into his song.

Other scenes in the video showcase ecstatic fans who have gathered to watch the event, with enthusiastic expressions and Pakistan’s flag painted across their cheeks. Ali doesn’t stop and simply put the focus on team Pakistan, however. In the true spirit of patriotism and national unity, Pakistani athletes other than cricketing heroes are also showcased in the video as we see a group of female athletes jogging in tracksuits.

As Ali progresses with his song, his tribute also focuses on paying tribute to Pakistan’s armed forces. Soldiers laced with weapons crossing harsh terrains all in the name of defending Pakistan, are also shown.

The good thing about the song is the fact that Ali has demonstrated people from all walks of life appreciating Pakistani cricket team and all its representatives with full zeal and vigor. Today the Pakistani cricket team defeated South Africa in a thrilling contest by 29 runs. Reeling from defeats in their first two encounters, Pakistan were considered as underdogs in today’s contest with South Africa tipped as favorites.

The video was nice, the lyrics were patriotic but hats off to the timing of the video! Couldn’t have come at a better time!



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