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Ali Kazmi to work with leading Hollywood director Alex Graves

The chance to work with such a director is nothing less than hitting the jackpot as he will be working alongside one of the leading directors in Hollywood.


According to sources, Kazmi is currently working on a project named Taken, which is the prequel of the film, starring Liam Neeson, of the same name. The actor said that Taken will tell the story of how the main protagonist will become who he truly is and that is a man with particular set of skills.

Speaking on his role in the project, Kazmi said that he will be playing the role of Marzoki who is a fast talker and a strange analyst capable of being operative.

He said that the program, which will be aired on NBC, will be action-packed with emotions. He added that the first episode of the show has been shot and was excited to be a part of it.




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