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Ali Noor makes a comeback to rock the industry

Pakistani singer has introduced a new trend of singing in English, earlier this month Model Ayyan has released her second song and now it’s the turn of an eminent brick of Pakistani rock industry Ali Noor. Lead vocalist and composer of a broken band Noori, Ali Noor has made a comeback and this time more powerfully.  ARY news have learnt that it’s the singer’s directorial debut also.

Ali is always known for his experiments and has given some great hits like Manwa Re and Suno Ke Mai Hoon Jawan this time he has collaborated with his Canadian cousin Zameer Rizvi for a new fusion. The duo has come up with a unique combination of rock and soft romantic song “Shut the World Out”.

Zamir Rizvi is a singer who got worldwide recognition for his song “Win or Defeat”. Win or Defeat, which is based on injustice against disable athletes also got licensed as the theme song of Paralympic Games 2010.



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