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Ali Zafar expects more out of Bollywood music

The maverick and charismatic actor candidly expressed his desire to see musicians churn out better music than they were making at the moment. “To be honest, there is some great music and some not-so-good work as well [in Bollywood]. Considering how big the industry is and the kind of infrastructure available for musicians, a lot more good music can be produced here,” he said during an interview with Hindustan Times.

Ali was of the view that Indian music has its own unique sound and recognition. The western influence has caught up to the Indian musicians and due to that, local instruments such as tabla and sitar are being ignored. Ali also recalled how Bollywood music used to be melodic and more powerful back in the 70’s and 80’s.

I look up to the Bollywood music of the ’60s and the ’70s and that is the kind of potential the industry in India has. I think there is desperation to bring in western music influences. So, the strength of the indigenous sound of India and of instruments like the sarangi, tabla and sitar is getting ignored,” he stated.

Ali compared the state of music industry in both countries and weighed how Pakistani artists were more independent in terms of producing music. He was of the view that whilst Pakistani artists make music for themselves, in Bollywood it was the exact same thing as music was made in accordance with the film producer’s wishes.  “Independent music has a lot of presence in Pakistan because the Pakistani films don’t dominate the country’s music industry. In India, Bollywood is the biggest thing and every musician wants to be a part of it. But in Pakistan, artistes make songs for themselves. Work there is not driven by the demands of the producer,” he said.

The Kill Dill star established himself as a singer in Pakistan by releasing multiple hits in Pakistan such as Channo, Chal Dil Merey and Sajania. Ali has also sung for his Bollywood films and garnered praise for being a versatile entertainer.



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