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Ali Zafar gifts lavish villa to wife Ayesha Fazli

Ali Zafar knows how to show love to his wife and thank her the right way for being a mommy. The Pakistani singer-cum-actor recently gifted his wife a lavish four bedroom villa in Lahore’s posh area. The grand villa is built over 15,000 square feet and Ali gave it to her as a gift, as she gave him one too in the form of his daughter.

Ali described how Ayesha was ecstatic with the house.

“It’s been under construction for over three years. We’ve just moved in a few months back. Ayesha was really touched by the gift and has done the interiors herself with a little bit of help from me. We’ve kept the decor modern, classy and minimal. We have installed music systems which will play all the time,” said Ali, speaking to a foreign news agency.

Ali Zafar also said that he came from a humble background and that he had worked day and night to live in such a house.

“I come from a modest background. My parents were professors and we used to live with my grandparents in a small room. So, like everyone else, I have been wishing for a house like this for a long time and been working hard towards it,” he said.

Interestingly, Ali Zafar’s parents live in the adjacent bungalow to this one and he explained it by saying:-

“I’m very close to my family and wanted them to be near me.”

Ali Zafar’s new house has an indoor swimming pool in the center of it and an attached terrace in every bedroom. Speaking in response to a question as to whether he would ever buy property in Mumbai, Ali rejected the possibility.

“Mumbai has been kind to me but I don’t think as a Pakistani national I could buy property there. I visit the city, do my work and come back. This is my home,” Ali Zafar said.



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