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Ali Zafar invites Sidharth to Lahore and the latter accepts

And you have Ali Zafar to thank for the ecstatic news, of course. The Pakistani singer cum Bollywood actor exchanged a series of tweets with the Kapoor and Sons star. As the conversation unfolded, Ali Zafar beckoned Sidharth over to Pakistan with the words “aajaaaaa”. Check out the tweets for yourself:-

To which the Indian heartthrob replied:-

Here’s Ali Zafar’s video message for Sidharth, urging him to come to Lahore, the ‘old city’.

Needless to say, Sidharth could come ‘running right over’ to Lahore.

What do you think? Is Sidharth really going to accept Ali Zafar’s invite or was it just a couple of friends jesting on Twitter?



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