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Ali Zafar meets Game of Thrones’ Stansa Stark

Game of Thrones fan?

A photo posted by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on

Ali Zafar who is currently on a tour of USA and Canada managed to take time to meet her and posted the picture with the caption ‘ Game of Thrones fan?’  Now, we do not know much the meeting but it is definitely a fan moment for Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar also met another mysterious woman who is a Marilyn Monroe look-alike.  

Guess who I met? A photo posted by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on

The critically acclaimed Game of Thrones based on the books of George R.R. Martin has wrapped up its sixth season.

Sansa Stark who plays a pivotal role has been praised for the development of her character tied up between Jon Snow and Peter Baelish.


A photo posted by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on



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