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Alia’s “Going Home” goes viral

Going Home is a short film by a prominent director Vikas Bahl who has directed Queen earlier this year.  The short film is featuring Alia Bhatt, who has already marked her place in viewers heart after Highway and Student of the Year, young actress said the short film is very close to her heart.

The five minute film “Going Home” is the story of a young girl who was coming home alone late at night and was constantly on call with her parents.  Suddenly, her car breaks down and she could see nothing on road except a car full of guys smoking and heading towards her, seeing her alone they stop the car by her. This raises all the obvious imaginations but movie has a twist that makes this film a very special anecdote.

However, you can’t count a single country where woman is completely safe and protected. The concept of the movie is based on what a woman goes through regularly but a different climax, which is being called utopia for women as the reality is way different.

This movie was shot for the woman safety and it has gone viral on all the social networking sites.



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