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VIDEO: When alligator comes for shopping; sheriffs find it bad idea

An alligator was found hiding underneath a SUV in a parking lot of a supermarket for unknown reason.

A Sarasota County Sheriff’s office in Florida shared the video of officials capturing the four-foot alligator with the help of a catch pole outside a Winn Dixie store.

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Two brave deputies, Sergeant Mark Tuls and Deputy Lincoln Dilling can be seen in the video pulling the alligator out from under the vehicle using the catch pole. The alligator takes some quick rolls in a bid to get himself released before its mouth is taped and it is loaded into the back seat of their patrol car.

“After a long and crazy busy day at the sheriff’s office we’re all out of witty captions,” caption of the post reads.

“Sgt. Mark Tuls and Deputy Lincoln Dilling protecting Sarasota County residents from a 4’ gator who found his way to the WinnDixie parking lot on Fruitville Road,” it adds.

An alligator is much less harmful than a crocodile. A grown up man can easily outrun it.



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