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Altaf appeals MQM supporters to avoid violence

Exclusively talking to ARY News, Altaf Hussain asked MQM workers and supporters to avoid any such act that could harm party’s image.

“You should go to your homes or Nine Zero if you wish to celebrate the triumph of MQM candidate in today’s by-polls”,  he said.

“Do not engage in fight with any political party and respect law enforcers”, he added.

Condemning violence during celebrations in Karimabad, MQM chief said this was no way of celebrating.

However, he appealed police and Rangers not to use brutal tactics to disperse party workers.

When asked about disowning Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad, Altaf Hussain said he [governor] didn’t facilitate MQM regarding the release of innocent party workers that were arrested during Rangers raid at party’s Nine Zero headquarters.

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Talking to anchorperson Kashif Abbasi during ARY News by-election transmission, the MQM chief also complained that asking citizens to keep original CNIC was unjustified.

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To a question about the presence of criminal elements in MQM, Altaf Hussain said, “I never claimed that MQM is a party of angels”.

Hussain, however, said that MQM is the only party which holds self-accountability and publicly detaches criminals from its ranks and files, whenever found.




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