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Altaf asks opponents to ‘check’ MQM’s popularity graph

In his address with the workers and supporters at the rally, Altaf Hussian said that the people of Karachi have rejected the ‘Taliban-supporting parties’ and favored MQM upon them all.

He said that Muttahida will not talk of hatred on April 23, it will talk of love and present sweetmeats to opponents.

Hussain said, “We [Mohajirs] should be considered equal Pakistanis and asked everyone to begin a new journey putting aside all grievances”.

The MQM chief maintained that whoever is found guilty of any crime, he should be punished ‘taking due course of law’.

Addressing the prime minister, Altaf Hussain asked him to console the Baloch people, to draw an independent foreign policy and to understand the issues of Karachi.

He also prayed for the success of operation Zarb-e-Azb.

MQM demonstrated its political power at Al Karam Square in Liaquatabad a day before PTI, which is due to hold a rally at Shahrah e Pakistan on April 19 [tomorrow], however it is yet to be seen whether PTI succeeds in garnering such an enormous public support.



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