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Altaf asks PM Nawaz to step down

In a statement issued from London Secretariat, MQM Chief said the political champions were threatening the government to dismantle it.

He said this was not the time to fight with each other and such conflict might cause the country. He said that Pakistan was going through to its defining movement and it needed absolute wisdom to take decisions for the sake of the country. He said everyone has to be mature while dealing with the nation’s fate because if the time went out, nothing would be there to be regretted.

Hussain said while addressing to the Prime Minister to feel his responsibility and call for an all parties’ conference and listened all the political voices and resolved their reservations as per need. He suggested to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that if he felt any possible human loss in the opposition’s protest then he should voluntarily step down from his premiership.

He said people should adopt negotiations and should try to avoid every possible loss. He said minor differences became bone of contentions between people and even the countries which mostly caused hostility.

The MQM chief referred to the current political and geographical situations of the world where minor differences caused huge frustrations between nations that resulted inevitable warlike situations.

Hussain said that brutal killings of innocent Palestinian civilians, hostility among African countries, internal conflicts in Iraq and Syria, Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan and other conflicts were alarming for Pakistan, because the internal situation in Pakistan needed special attention. He said that in North Waziristan Pak Army kept embracing martyrdom while fighting against the country’s traitors and the terrorists.

MQM chief said that during the monsoon season the drains and nullahs were chocked because no measures were taken prior to the rain despite the appeal of MQM. He said without local bodies system it was impossible to maintain metropolis system.



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