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Altaf asks SC to resolve Senate election crisis

Altaf Hussain while commenting on horse trading fears and the differences over the procedure in upcoming senate elections appealed the apex court to play its role and devise a proper method for the polls.

The statement released by the party reads “As the Supreme Court is the guardian of the Constitution, I hereby call upon the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Nasirul Mulk and his learned companion Judges to suo moto, invoking article 184(3) of the Constitution, issue directions under articles 187, 189 and 190 of the Constitution whereby a proper methodology for the Senate Elections is declared”

Hussain maintained that the country is facing security threat in the form of Daesh (Islamic State) and Taliban while the poor populace of the country have to face energy crisis, inflation along with fuel shortage on the other hand.

He added that Industrialists and businessmen are leaving the country for greener pastures in the prevailing economic conditions.

MQM chief lamented that the fake scions of democracy have failed to conduct a local bodies election and a proper census in the country.

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