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Altaf breaks down amid recounting 'torture' on MQM

During an address to party headquarters at Nine Zero, the MQM chief got emotional and burst into tears while detailing the assault faced by his party in recent years. “Party workers currently in London have forgotten me and I am now feeling lonely,” he added with a sobbing voice.

Amid the address of party head, supporters and activists of MQM chanted slogans in favour of Mr. Altaf Hussain and shouted in unison to stand with their leader.

He said establishment had now regrets that “it should have shot me dead by now.” He added that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are also siding with the establishment.

Referring to people of secret agencies, he said “if you eliminate those who created Pakistan, then you will also be killed subsequently.”

The MQM chief said that at least 400 workers of his party had been killed in last two years. My workers are killed after brutal torture, he slammed.

He said cases had been filed against him in London. He informed that he was awaiting to get his passport back from the British authorities.

He said all TV channels were discussing death of PTI leader Haq Nawaz since Tuesday, but the MQM leaders’ killing in Silakot did not draw media attention.

Altaf Hussain speech at 90




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