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Altaf congratulates Imran Khan over Jinnah Ground rally

Speaking to his party workers in Azizabad’s Jinnah Ground, MQM chief said that he congratulates Imran Khan in advance over his upcoming rally while advising people to listen to what other parties have to say in the Jinnah Ground.

Altaf Hussain also took a jab at PTI chief Imran Khan by calling him the head of Pakistan’s Taliban insurgents.

“I have heard that the Taliban chief will come to Azizabad”, said Hussain referring to Imran Khan.

MQM chief maintained that his party will welcome Imran Khan in Karachi but PTI members should respect the Yadgar-e-Shuahada (Martyrs Memorial) in the Jinnah Ground during their April 19 rally.

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Hussain claimed that political parties patronized by establishment are emerging from the constituency but on April 23, all ballot boxes will contain parchments of love for Altaf Hussain.

He maintained that the workers should bear the pain of standing in line on the day of polling and the victory will surely be of the brave women of MQM.

Imran Khan led PTI will be holding a rally on April 19 in Jinnah Ground as a part of their election campaign for NA-246 by-polls.

Tensions between the two parties rose after a scuffle in Karimabad and a press conference on Tuesday in which PTI leaders lashed out at MQM chief by calling him an ‘absconder’.



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