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Altaf demands new provinces in Pakistan

Speaking to party supporters celebrating MQM victory in recently concluded by-polls, Hussain said that the sense of deprivation is rising among the people of Karachi and they want the city to be made into a separate province.

He also called for the formation of new provinces in other parts of the country and province including Gilgit Baltistan, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpur Khas and South Punjab.

About the polls and the victory, Hussain said that MQM supporters defied all odds to vote for the party and if the polling time had been extended MQM should have secured 25 hundred thousand votes.

He claimed that the establishment propaganda and Saulat Mirza episode flopped and did not create any effect upon the people and they vindicated MQM of all charges on April 23.

Hussain maintained that former MQM member and notorious target killer Saulat Mirza leveled baseless allegations against MQM.

MQM chief said that now establishment should accept MQM’s mandate and bring halt to its useless fight against MQM.

He claimed that MQM workers are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan’s armed forces for the defence of country.

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About CM Sindh and PM Pakistan

The MQM supremo said that aged CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah takes notice of all relevant things but does not take action.

“He said he has no authority to lift the ban on pillion riding, has no authority to recruit local population into police and employ people of Sindh”, said Altaf.

MQM chief also took on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and asked him to resign if he cannot solve the problems of people of Pakistan and cannot provide them justice.

In the end, Hussain thanked the old and young population of the constituency who voted in favour of MQM and congratulated MQM office bearers over the by-election victory.



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