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Altaf directs MQM to take back 'Boycott ARY News' decision

Altaf Hussain in his statement said that he has no personal enmity or difference with any anchor or media channel while advising media anchors, channels to conduct their programs keeping in view journalistic ethics and norms.

He requested the media men to refrain from taking sides and remain impartial in their criticism and reporting while advising them to stay away from character assassination of political leaders and parties.

The statement was released after a lengthy meeting of party’s Rabita Committee (co-ordination committee) after which the senior deputy convenor of the committee announced to take back the decision to boycott ARY News channel.

The RC also cancelled all the planned protest rallies against the TV channel.

It must be noted that the MQM RC in a protest against ARY News on Wednesday (yesterday) said that the nation has decided to boycott ARY News from Karachi to Kashmir.

The MQM RC also demanded from the government to ban ARY News channel and its anchor Mubasher Lucman.



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