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Altaf Hussain addresses workers on his 61st birthday

Addressing a large gathering of party workers and officials, Mr. Hussain said that whoever will try to destroy MQM will himself be destroyed. A person or community which gave its dear ones for the making of a country knows its real importance adding that we (Mohajirs) are  the descendants of such people who have given such sacrifices.

New Administrative Units

Altaf Hussain while repeating his demand for administrative units within all four provinces of Pakistan while warning that if the decision is not taken within time. the resulting chaos can end up breaking the country.

He lamented that Sindhi nationalists raised a lot of hue and cry over his demand for new provinces but today even Tahir-ul-Qadri and Imran Khan are calling for such units.

MQM chief maintained that nowhere in the world a population of 20 crores live in only four provinces imploring all to see the real reason of his demand and do not fall for any emotional rhetoric or bias.

 Aims about Party Administration

A strong opponent of feudalism, Altaf Hussain claimed that he will first end feudal lords and corrupt people from his own party and bring honest and decent individuals to run the future affairs of his party.

Tribute to Pakistan Army

MQM chief paid rich tribute to the martyrs of armed forces who gave their life fighting terrorists in North Waziristan.




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