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Altaf Hussain asks workers to elect new MQM chief

Speaking to his party’s office bearers, Hussain  said that he cannot run the affairs of the party anymore, the workers should gather in the evening to elect a new chief.

He claimed that he waited for forty years for workers to mend their ways and now he is tired and cannot bear the burden anymore.

As the office bearers of the party urged him to take back his resignation, MQM chief said if they do not find his replacement, they can dissolve the party.

“Go and run Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) then, dissolve MQM”, He replied.

Altaf Hussain hung up the phone when the workers implored him to continue serving as MQM chief.

Imran Khan a ‘selfish’ liar

MQM founder lamented that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan is constantly criticizing him which he cannot tolerate any more.

About the criticism, he said that Imran Khan accused him of being a murderer killing his opponents within the party like Azeem Ahmed Tariq and Imran Farooq in a recent television interview.

” I even cried at the death of Imran Farooq, But he (Imran Khan) even mocked my true gesture, should I make merry on his (Imran Farooq) death???”, asked Altaf Hussain.

He opined that Imran Khan during his sit-in freed his workers from police custody but none took action as all know that some army generals are backing the PTI chief.

About NA-246 Elections

About the NA-246 election, Altaf Hussain categorically stated that no matter how many Rangers and Police personnel are deployed. If someone tries to change the results in MQM stronghold, the process of eventual breakup of Pakistan will commence from the day.

MQM chief urged all office bearers to make all efforts to assure MQM retains its National Assembly seat in by-elections.



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