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Altaf Hussain condemns Rangers raid on Nine Zero

According to ARY News MQM chief was addressing the party workers after the Rangers raid at the party’s headquarters Nine-Zero in Karachi.

Altaf Hussain said that the human rights groups should raise their voice against the incidents during the rangers raid on the MQM headquarters today.

Altaf said that the Rangers personnel shot dead a student and injured a private television cameraman in the incident while 60 others were arrested.

MQM chief said that the raid was conducted without any search or arrest warrant. “Unfortunately some people go above the law and they are permitted to commit any excess”, he said.

MQM leader questioned the raid on Nine-Zero and said that if the forces have conducted raids ever at the residence of any party chief in Pakistan in the past. He said MQM is the third largest political party of the country, “Are we not Muslims or citizens of Pakistan? Why they are behaving with us like that”, referring the incident Altaf Hussain asked. “They use filthy words during raids.”

Altaf Hussain has said that today Waqas Shah has been added in thousands of the MQM workers who have been martyred so far.

He said if the Rangers personnel had arrive the party’s headquarter to conduct raid against criminals than what were they doing at the home of my ailing elder sister near 90 where no person was present except her attendant.



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