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Altaf Hussain condemns rangers raid on MQM MPA office

MQM chief lamented that banned outfits are operating openly and carrying out terrorist activities with impunity but law enforcement agencies are busy raiding MQM offices.

He maintained that such acts can further enrage an already disgruntled population and spread hatred among masses. MQM workers are being tortured in custody besides being labelled as ‘Indian agent’.

“Stop this trend or bring a tank to roll all Mohajirs (immigrants) to death”

MQM chief claimed that it is his party which backed army in every operation and lauded army’s martyrs.

He appealed President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Federal Interior Minister and Chief Minister Sindh to order release MQM workers arrested from the party’s MPA office.

It must be noted that MQM workers and Rabita committee members are staging a sit-in outside Chief Minister House for the release of their workers and till now eight of their 30 arrested workers are released.



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