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Altaf Hussain criticizes NAPC's 'military courts' decision

Hussain said that the country has seen many martial laws and can bear another after an All Parties Conference passed NAPC recommendations included establishment of military courts for speedy justice to control terrorism.

In his telephonic address, MQM chief opined that Pakistan’s brave Army Chief General Raheel Sharif should take over the country for two years and establish a martial law which shall spare no wrong doer.

Hussain challenged all to give the name of a single party that has not plundered the country.

Old Wounds

MQM chief was of the view that he kept warning everyone about ‘Talibanisation’ but was mocked adding that if he had asked for military courts, the demand would have been criticized.

Altaf Hussain took a jab at rival parties PPP and PML-N by saying that those who loot public money, store it in Swiss banks or make large business empires out of it are called ‘Progressive’ and ‘Democratic’ while MQM is maligned.

He lamented that a country created by a Shia Muslim is watching the same community murdered due to their religious beliefs.

The Abdul Aziz fiasco

Hussain further criticized the firebrand Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz and his followers for supporting international extremist organization Islamic State (IS).

He maintained that if the cleric had courage he would not have opted to run away during the Lal Masjid Operation.



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