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Altaf Hussain deeply grieved over Karimabad scuffle: Rizvi

Speaking exclusively to ARY News, Rizvi claimed that he and other MQM leaders reached the spot as soon as they came to know about the clash to bring the situation under control.

The MQM leader while condemning the incident in which PTI flag was burnt said that the whole episode is ‘damaging’ for MQM itself adding that the MQM leadership implored the people to remain peaceful.

Answering a question, Rizvi claimed that the attackers were not MQM workers but from the common populace of the area adding that the MQM leaders themselves set up the PTI camp again.

Rizvi further vowed to sit in the PTI camp tomorrow to ensure that such an untoward incident does not take place again.

MQM chief urges workers, supporters to remain peaceful

Political temperature heated up for the second time in a day between MQM and PTI workers who faced off each other in Karimabad area, prompting police to intervene.

MQM workers had gathered outside PTI election camp and chanted slogans against PTI. Some of the MQM activists reportedly thrashed workers of rival political party and burnt PTI flag.

Police nabbed both of the violent political workers. Amid the face-off, PTI workers also raised slogans against the MQM.

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