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Altaf resigns from party leadership, withdraws decision later

Altaf Hussain, while talking exclusively with ARY News, had said that he was handing the party responsibilities to the coordination committee (Raabta Committee).

He added that he is taking back the decision, of resigning from party leadership, on the repeated requests of the party workers and supporters.

Senators, National and provincial assemblies members of MQM have submitted their resignations to the coordination committee (Raabta Committee) to express solidarity with Altaf Hussain. They handed the party responsibilities back to the party chief.

Moreover, Raabta Committee has also submitted their resignations to the party chief after admitting their ineligibility in dealing with the party’s issues.

He also lambasted the coordination committee for their “feudal and kingly” attitude. He added that Raabta Committee was consistently ignoring his advices on the party issues.

Altaf Hussain added that some elements within the party held celebrations when he was arrested in London.

The supporters of MQM raised, gathered at the respective MQM headquarters in Karachi and Hyderabad,  slogans in favour of the party chief after he took back the decision of resigning from the party leadership.

It should be noted that the party chief had dissolved the party’s Karachi Tanzeem as they were not addressing the problems faced by the people.



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