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Altaf suspends London and Karachi's Rabita Committees

MQM leader Qamar Mansoor has been designated as Pakistan’s Rabita Committee in-charge, while Arshad Hussain will look after the affairs of party’s RC in London, ARY News reported

It is learnt that the MQM chief took decision for RC’s lack of response and reaction on killing of its leader in Sialkot.

MQM Sialkot chapter’s Vice President Bao Muhammad Anwar was shot dead outside his restaurant in Sialkot’s Shahab Road by unknown persons.

The reason for the decision is said to be a ‘lack of confidence’. The MQM chief is to hold an important press conference shortly today.

Altaf had said on Monday that his party would either continue existing or vanished, but no grouping will be allowed in the MQM.

All those who try to form groups would face the wrath of Allah,” he said while speaking from London by phone to a large number of party supporters gathered at the Jinnah Ground to commemorate a ‘day of martyrs’.

He had also threatened to quit the position of the party chief and asked his followers to select someone else if they did not want to see him as their leader.



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