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Altaf urges to decide either to make Pakistan a liberal or religious state

LONDON: “We should decide now either to make Pakistan a liberal or religious state”, said Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

While addressing MQM’s International secretariat via telephonic call, Altaf Hussain said that we have to make us free from the state of confusion to take some bold decisions for the future of the country.

“Successful nations always learnt from the mistakes of the past, nation was suffering from negligence before the fall of Dhaka and it displaying negligence”, said MQM Chief.

He said that separation movement is being run in Balochistan, KPK is facing Durand line dispute, and there are supporters of Sindudesh present in interior Sindh while a plan for greater Punjab is being revealed.

Altaf Hussain said Pakistan is becoming the victim of isolation at international level.




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