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Altaf vows to establish varsities in feudal areas

MQM Chief Altaf Hussain, addressing Dawat-e-Haleem ceremony over the creation of a university in his name in Hyderabad, said that he will resort to “Dum a Dum Mast Qalandar” if the establishment allows him to stage a sit-in in Islamabad.

“I do what I say”, Hussain said.

He asked that why the treason trial is being conducted only against former Pervez Musharraf despite that his partners were also involved in imposing emergency in the country on Nov. 03, 2007.

MQM Chief claimed that he will fight the Article VI case alone if he returns to Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain added that no one can contest elections in the country if dual-nationality holders are not allowed to stand in the polls.

“I will bring back each and every penny back in the country after coming into power”, claimed Altaf.



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