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Altaf Hussain warns Pakistan about IS threat

MQM chief while speaking about the operation against terrorists in North Waziristan said that a bigger threat than already existent Taliban, Islamic State has entered Pakistan adding that only government can curtail the IS threat.

Hssain said that signs of presence of IS are emerging in different cities of Pakistan and only government can control it while advising everyone to set aside their political and ideological differences and show unity to jointly fight the threat.

MQM chief suggested that all shall come forward to rid the country of evil elements that thrive on terrorizing and  killing innocent citizens.

Lauding the Pakistan Army and Journalists

The MQM founder was of the view that nation should be made aware of the sacrifices Pakistan’s secyrity forces are making by fighting the terrorists in the far fledged areas of country.

MQM chief also lauded journalists who laid down their lives while reporting war on terror.





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