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Amazing tips to improve your eyesight!

1. Eat healthy for a sharper vision!

If you really want to spruce up your eyesight and ensure that your vision never suffers a quality decline, make sure to consume lots of healthy foods. Some healthy food items that ensure great eyesight are fishes such as salmon and tuna. Carrots, juices and vegetables (especially kale and spinach) may also prevent your eyesight from deteriorating. Eggs provide you with a rich source of nutrients to maintain a healthy eyesight.

2. Keep away from those harmful ultraviolet rays!

What if I was to tell you, you can kill two bird with one stone? Sport a stylish look and prevent your eyes from being harmfully exposed to ultraviolet rays. It’s simple, wear sunglasses! Sport shades that can block 99% or 100% ultraviolet rays from your eyes so that your vision remains unhindered and protected from the sun’s harsh rays!

3. Ensure proper lighting when reading/writing

Yes, this one is an absolute must! Pull away the drapes and let in the warm, glowing sunlight when you’re reading something or scribbling/writing. Squinting in the dark can cause adverse effects for your eyesight and also cause damage to your vision. Make sure that before you begin reading any book or writing anything using a pen, adequate lighting arrangements are in place which cause you no hindrance.

4. Have a break, for a change!

If you’re too engrossed in concentrating tasks and hectic schedules, take a moment to sit back and relax! Let your eyes cool off for a bit and regain their composure. Often focusing on hectic tasks consecutively enables you to adopt pressure on your eyes and the added strain can restrict your eyesight quality.

5.  As cool as a cucumber!

This has been known to work on multiple occasions! Nothing cools and soothes the eyes like a nice, freshly sliced pair of cucumber skin on your eyelids!

6. Keep away from smoking!

Smoking will do you no good, trust me! This cancer stick has been known to cause problems of every kind and your eyesight is no different! Smoking inflicts damage onto the optic nerves and causes cataracts. This will induce blurry vision or impaired vision.



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