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American actress shocks instagram fans with new controversial pictures

The “Modern Family” star has shared a picture of a make-up artist working on photoshoot and the images were a little objectionable.

“… don’t miss a spot. Secret shoot…,” Winter captioned the image on Instagram.



The 18-year-old has regularly been criticised for posting bold images on the photo-sharing website and has earlier said that she doesn’t understand why people make such a big deal about it.



“I don’t really think I’m telling myself, ‘You should post this, you shouldn’t post that,’ I feel like I’m just having fun. I like my fans to see what I’m doing. Everybody is so hyped up on the fact that I post photos where my butt’s out. It’s a butt. Everyone has a butt. I don’t think it’s crazy,” Winter said.







“It’s like, ‘Let me live! I’m enjoying my life, you’re enjoying your life, you should be posting if you like it, too!’


I’m not going to fight with someone on my Instagram that tells me they don’t like my outfit. I’m sorry you think that, but just (in that case) unfollow me, she added.




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