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America's new policy: Calories on Menu

The food and drugs administration of USA have announced a new policy according to which all the restaurant chains in America would have to start calorie labeling on their menu. That means from next year every restaurant, theaters, food stores and amusement parks will have to list calories.

This step was taken because people have been fighting for a decade for this rule to be implemented. A survey was also conducted from people who said that their mind changed for the order when they saw the information of the calories posted in some places of New York earlier.  This shows that calorie labeling does change the behavior of the consumers and made the policy makers think.

Although this is another fact that people from lower middle class and lower class do not know how to use the information as they care more about the price rather than nutrients it offers. This step is also beneficial in a sense that it will even change the behavior of companies to reduce the calorie of the food they provide so that consumers don’t change their mind while eating their food.

It will take time for people to get used to with the new policy but it is definitely a good effort for healthy life and this might help to control obesity.



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