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Amir Khan invited to lecture Harvard on PK!

No date has been decided as of yet but according to reports, Amir Khan is certainly not going to miss the opportunity to divulge into the details of his critically admired flick with those at Harvard. The lecture Amir is going to give will most likely be based on the making of the film as well as his character’s attributes and how Amir portrayed it with such finesse.
PK was released in India on nineteenth December 2014 and was met with immediate praise. The script, acting, direction and plot were all met with glittering praise and appreciation. PK, a satirical comedy drama film, is centered around an alien by the name of PK who is sent on planet Earth on a research mission. PK attempts to mingle with human beings and questions their religious superstitions. In the process, he also befriends a journalist Jaggu, played by Anushka Sharma. The addition of Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt adds to the list of high profile actors to the film and directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the film proved to be an instant success.
On the opening day, PK made a net amount of Rs.260 million ($4.1 million). It became the highest grossing Indian movie in history and became the first Indian film to gross Rs.630 crore ($100 million) worldwide.
It sure seems like the commercial as well as critical recognition that PK earned had intrigued the authorities at Harvard a great deal for them to invite Khan on a lecture to elaborate more regarding the film. It would certainly be interesting to hear what Amir Khan has to share with his audience at Harvard!



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