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Amir Khan thrashes Devon Alexander in Las Vegas

Although Alexander put some resistance in the eighth round, Amir dominated almost throughout the match and all the three judges gave unanimous decision in favor of Amir.

The score of the bout according to the three judges were 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110, in favor of Amir Khan.

The Bolton based boxer Amir (30-3, 19 KO) played smarter and his hand and foot pace helped him to bout at a distance and stay safe while landing punches at will and moving away when Alexander tried to recover and fight back.

Alexander (26-3, 14 KO) hardly find scoring space, and when he get those rare chances, Amir beat him to the punch or went out of range.

Although according to records, the bout was anticipated to be a close encounter, but Amir’s supremacy in the proceedings made it look like a one-sided affair.

Wearing the most expensive pair of shorts, stitched with gold thread, Amir Khan before and after the match said that he wanted to send a message through this contest to secure opportunity for bigger fights with a big win.

Amir Khan said he wants to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, the undefeated professional American boxer. Amir requested his fans to demand the big fight. However, Mayweather has asked Manny Pacquiao for a fight on May 2. And if that happens, then Amir has to wait for a while.



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