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Amitabh Bachchan speaks out his fear for singing

Bachchan’s songs include ‘Say Shava Shava’ (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham -2001), Main Yaha tu Wahan (Baghban -2003) and ‘Chalo Jane Do Ab Choro Bhi’ (Bhoothnath -2008). His next song would be ‘Kyun Re’ from his upcoming film ‘Te3n’.

“It’s always very frightening for me to sing a song because I am not a singer and especially when you have people like Clinton Cerejo (music director) sitting six inches away from you. Clinton did not want (the song) to be sung whole-heartedly,” Bachchan said while talking to media at the promotional event of ‘Te3n’.

Story of the upcoming thriller film, which is set to be released on June 10, revolves around an old man, John Biswas (Bachchan), who is searching for his missing granddaughter and his interactions with a cop (Vidya Balan) and a priest (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who help him in his quest.

“I am very self conscious, so I go to a studio which I am familiar with, like I go to the late Aadesh Srivastav’s studio. I go there and quietly sit with the recordist who knows me,” he continued.

Amitabh Bachchan had once recorded his part of singing for ‘Kyun Re’ which was initially rejected by Clinton.

“With the help of some friendly musicians, I do an impromptu singing, so I asked them to send the pro-tunes and everything for the recording. Then I recorded and sent it back to them and it was destroyed. They said it’s rubbish and you have to do it again,” the 73-year-old actor said.

“Ribhu (director of Te3n) said he will send Clinton while recording. I told them don’t send I will not be able to do anything. Eventually, I succumbed to this pressure and then Clinton came to the studio,” he adding that he thought that the song was terrible.

“But Clinton said don’t worry…You think it’s terrible but when I go and work on my machine, it’s going to sound great. So what you heard is a machine version. It’s his version not what I sang. I sang very ‘besura’,” Bachchan said.

He revealed that it was Dasgupta’s idea to come up with the song.

“I felt it would be inappropriate for somebody of this nature to sing a song in the film. But after listening to tunes and the words that Amitabh (Bhattacharya) narrated me, I felt to do it. We went ahead and did it,” said Big B.



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