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Amitabh Bachchan's Twitter following swells to 13 million!

Just last month on thirteenth January, Amitabh was awarded the Social Media Person of the Year award by the Internet and Mobile Association of India. Amitabh, unlike the veteran actors of his era, stays in touch with his fan base on a regular bases through  online media. He makes use of various digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and even his voice blogs to engage and interact with his numerous fans. With the help of these thirteen million followers, Amitabh has the distinction of being the most popular Indian personality on Twitter. Globally, he ranks as the seventieth most popular personality on this online social medium.

Bachchan has been entertaining fans since the past four decades through his Bollywood films. His upcoming project is a film titled Shamitabh which features him alongside Ashkara Hasaan and Dhanush, in collaboration with director R.Balki. In the film, Big B lends his voice to a deaf and mute actor portrayed by Dhanush in order to help him out. This is not the first time that Amitabh has collaborated with director R-Balki, but the third. Previous ventures of both artists were Cheeni Kum and Paa. The film is all set to be released on sixth February this year.
Lets hope Big B keeps on piling his Twitter followers and blogs away regularly in order to stay connected with his gigantic fan following online!



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