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Amjad Sabri applies for Indian visa to sue Salman Khan

Adnan Samia’s rendition of Bhar Do Jholi in Salman Khan’s latest movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan has irked Amjad Sabri across the border. So much so, that the famous Qawwal has decided to pursue the legal course in India and move a petition against Salman Khan and music director Pritam Chakarborty. Sabri applied for an Indian visa to sue the film’s producers and Salman Khan.

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“I have sent them a legal notice, and have requested for Indian visa,” he said while speaking to a local newspaper. “I will travel to Mumbai as soon as I get the permit, and will follow the case proceedings in India.”

Amjad Sabri
The rendition was sung by Adnan Sami Khan.


Amjad Sabri was annoyed at the question of identifying whether the qawwali was his property or not.

“They have asked me to prove if the qawwali is a property of Sabri Brothers,” he added. “Even a child can tell them Bhar Do Jholi belongs to my father, Ghulam Farid Sabri.”

Sabri also requested the nation to pray for him so that he is provided justice at the earliest by courts in India. EMI, a leading Pakistan record label, had also decided to sue Salman Khan and the music director for ‘revamping’ Bhar Do Jholi without their permission.

The original qawwali has been written by Purnam Allahbadi and was composed by Maqbool Sabri. It had been recorded by the Sabri brothers in 1975.

Earlier, Bollywood actor Salman Khan had tried to play down the accusations by Amjad Sabri and had stated:-

“This is the qawwali we have heard since childhood. It is our rendition. Sabri brothers’ family not liking our rendition of the qawwali is like my grandchildren not respecting Being Human,” Salman said about the singer’s accusations. “I don’t think somebody from the family would have done this. I don’t think there is a legal issue. If there is any legality then we will see it,” he said.



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