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Amjadullah Khan announces to leave MQM-London

KARACHI: Muttahida Quami Movement London leader Amjadullah Khan on Wednesday dissociated himself from the party and from being part of any political party in future, ARY News reported. 

Announcing the decision at the Karachi Press Club flanked by his party after being released from custody, Amjadullah said that he had decide to quit the party and further political activities.

He said that he joined the MQM to serve the Muhajir community, but his hopes were shattered after anti-state statements by MQM founder. He also said that those who seek help from the Indian Prime Minister cannot be the true representative of the Muhajir community.

He said that he always wanted Pakistan to progress which cannot take place in the party. Therefore, he had decided to quit the party on October 22 when he was arrested and was not pressurised into making the decision.He strongly condemned the anti-state slogans the remnants in London.

Speaking of the time spent in jail, Amjadullah said that he saw many inmates who were languishing due to hardships in life and were coerced into criminal activities. He said he will dedicate himself for the welfare of the prisoners.

Amjadullah had pledged allegiance to the Altaf Husssain-led faction of MQM after controversial and anti-state slogans were raised on August 22 last year. This led to a split which saw the MQM split into two factions with another now led by Farooq Sattar.

On October 22, he was arrested by Rangers from the premises of the KPC after being confined for several hours, after several MQM-L leaders including Professor Hassan Zafar Arif were prevented from addressing a press conference.

Amjadullah was previously affiliated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and was a candidate for NA-245 by-polls but withdrew in favour of MQM candidate and joined the party in April last year.



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