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Analyst Zafar Hilali receives extortion call demanding Rs 10 lac

In his exclusive talk during the ARY News program ‘Off the Record’, Zafar Hilali revealed that today he received a telephone call demanding Rs 10 lac from him, the alleged extortionists said that they belong to Lyari Town of the metropolis, which is widely known to be a den of criminals.

Hilali said, “When he told the extortionists that he resides in his father’s home and does not even possess a house of his own, then the racketeers asked him to get off by paying Rs 1 lac”.

To which he said, “I asked them to inquire my wife if she had this much amount or not and did not listen to their calls afterwards”.

“The extortionists later asked to be prepared wearing a burial shroud, since you are not complying” told the analyst.

Meanwhile, DIG South Khalid Sheikh when contacted, said that such sort of matters are investigated very carefully, while some criminals use the name of Lyari in order to threaten the people to abide by the instructions.

He said for investigating this kind of cases, there is ‘Anti Extortion Cell’, which has resolved many cases.

The DIG South added the matter will be probed and Zafar Hilali will be provided full security. He vowed that the culprits will be brought to justice.



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