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Ancholi suspects turn out to be hardcore killers

According to details, three suspects arrested from Ancholi area of metropolis turned out to be hardcore assassins. Police officials revealed that the arrested hitmen, in their initial statement at a hospital, confessed that they were on a task to shoot down the owner of a catering center.

The attackers had arrived in the main market of Ancholi area; however the locals took hold of them prior to hitting their ‘target’. Residents grabbed the three armed them and subjected them to severe beating.

These assassins were then locked-up inside a house, however Rangers and police reached the spot and managed to get them released, despite of resistance by a charged-up crowd holding them.

It was reported that the brother of the owner of the catering center was also shot dead a year ago, while the attackers were on a mission to hit the owner this time that the residents nabbed them in between.



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