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And then there was a magician…

There was a magician without a wand in his hand, who did not wear a hat or had a secret magic spell. He just had a heartwarming smile on his face and was blessed to control the ball in every condition and on every stage.

The magician had the superpowers of bowling off-spin and Doosra, he had the ability to rule the best in the world, the skill to bamboozle any opponent, and got the capability to even make the maestros struggle.

There were highly skilled opponents in front of him, who had dominated the world in the past, they were confident to beat him, but they were unable to decode that master of masters. They found him extremely challenging to face.

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The magician was an unsung hero of Pakistan cricket team, who conquered the battlefields single-handedly at occasions. He stayed in low profile, there were other stars who dazzled in his presence, but he never complained and kept doing his job.

Like any other mortal in this world, the magician also had a fair share of lows in his journey. The important part is that he did not stay down, he rose from the ashes to burn down his rivals.

There were times when he was left alone on the frontline to fight the enemies. He did not back off, he combated against the competitors bravely and took his unit to unbelievable victories.

He faced challenges and encountered criticism for the way he used his tricks. He tried to explain that it is natural and he cannot help it, but the authorities tested his action and found it flawed. It turned out to be illegal, thus he was taken away from the battlefield.

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Despite all the difficulties, he stood tall, honest and true to his duties. He persisted with his job even after revamping his action.

He soon realized that his powers are deteriorating and the fighter was courageous enough to accept the fact that his troop needs young guns to take his position now.

The magician simply handed over the responsibilities to youngsters and walked away silently in the dark leaving behind his legacy for the coming generations.

He was Saeed Ajmal, the smiling warrior of Pakistan cricket.



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