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Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, no more?

According to tweets from a reporter of The Wrap (an entertainment and news website), there will be a whole new cast for the future Spider-Man film series. Also, the all new Spider-Man is likely to be introduced in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film at first and then in a solo film. Spider-Man is likely to make his first rebooted appearance in Captain America: Civil War, in a cameo role. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel recently agreed on rebooting the web slinging comic hero’s narrative in a new film series altogether. Whilst Sony Pictures will reserve the right to finance, own, distribute and have creative control over the new film series, Marvel will work on integrating other characters from Marvel into Spider-Man’s storyline.

Andrew Garfield was praised for his depiction of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man film series. His jovial, witty presence on the silver screen coupled with his soft good looks, made for a natural Spider-Man. His on-screen chemistry with Spidey-girl Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, was also praised by the audience. For the role, Garfield practiced yoga and trained thoroughly for his stunts. He watched the movements of athletes and spiders in order to properly get accustomed to his role as the web-slinging comic superhero.
The Amazing Spider-Man, the first of the two sequels in which Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man, was critically praised by the audience. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 received mixed reviews, though it featured a stronger cast with Jamie Foxx playing the famous nemesis, Electro. The movie minted a little over $709 million and ranked as the eighth highest grossing film of last year but remained the lowest grossing film of the series.
Garfield may not be able to play Peter Parker anymore but it’s not as if the actor has a dearth of projects. He is currently filming for the Martin Scorsese film Silence in which he plays a Japanese Jesuit priest from the seventeenth century, alongside Liam Neeson. The lad did a fine job and fit the profile of Peter Parker, let’s hope the studio finds a better version of Spidey to replace him with!



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